Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Iran Supreme Leader shuffles Revolutionary Guards commanders

Hosein Taeb

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei announced the appointment of Mohammad Reza Naghdi to the command post of the Basij Resistance Force. Naghdi will replace Hosein Taeb whom according to Mehr news agency will become deputy general of the intelligence department of the Revolutionary Guards.

Hosein Taeb has been identified by opposition forces as one of the chief commanders of the government crackdown on recent election protests. Mehdi Karroubi, disputing candidate of the elections, has named Taeb as one of the culprits in the case of Taraneh Mousavi, a recent detainee whose remains were found near the town of Qazvin.

Mohammad Reza Naghdi

Mohammad Reza Naghdi, who replaces Hosein Taeb, is considered a top Revolutionary Gaurds commander who is very close to Ayatollah Khamenei. He has been accused of torturing a number of municipal officials in the past. He is also a suspect in the attacks on University students in their dormitories in 2000.

United Nations Security Council has accused Mohammad Reza Naghdi of attempts to violate sanctions against Iran.

Brigadier-generals Hosein Salami and AmirAli Hadjizadeh have also been appointed by Ayatollah Khamenei to takeover the posts of the Commander General of the Revolutionary Guards and Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air-force respectively.

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