Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Another Iranian dissident sentenced to death

Iranian court attorney, Mohammad Mostafai reported that Amir-Reza Arefi has been sentenced to death by the judiciary. The 21-year-old is charged with “enmity against God through membership in the Association of Iranian Monarchists,” according to Mr. Mostafai’s weblog.

Mostafai goes on to indicate that the young man was arrested and imprisoned last April by Iranian security forces.

Last week, Tehran’s Revolutionary Court announced that another Ashura Day detainee accused of “enmity against God as well as assembly and collusion against security and propaganda against the system” has been sentenced to death.

On Ashura Day, December 7 of 2009, election protesters staged peaceful demonstrations to once more protests the alleged fraud in the June presidential election.

Mohammad-Reza Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour are two other individuals who were recently hanged for similar charges. The attorneys of the two have repeatedly announced that they were arrested prior to the elections and despite the judiciary’s claim that they were involved in the post-election unrest, their clients had no involvement in those events.

Iranian judicial authorities emphasize however that the two were involved in the post-election unrest and their hanging is a direct result of that involvement.

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Up untill three decades ago Iran was under the US control and run by a Westernized king. During that period Iranians had more freedoms than any country in Asia, Africa, Middle East [excluding Israel], the Eastern Europe, and any country in South or Central Americas. Instead of being grateful Iranians replaced the US backed monarchy with an Islamic regime controlled by a semi-literate mullah named Khomeini. Iranians by choice abandoned all freedoms they had in favor of the 7th century arab cult of islam. That should be a lesson to all why backwards third world societies such as Iran should be under US control with their leaders hand picked by the US

-- Raoul1955 ، Feb 18, 2010

How can the world help to stop this killing

-- reza ، Feb 18, 2010

Dear Sir,
Interference of any kind only stifles the natural development of any society and that is what the US has done in Iran, in the region and also in South America which it regards as its own backyard!
Every bogeyman in the middle east is a direct result of the mistaken policies of the US and this is not to say that Iran or the others cannot remedy the situation. They can, and they will as they become more and more aware of the interventions and begin to strategize against them.
The Iranian Green Movement is very much moving along these lines.

-- an optimist ، Feb 19, 2010

May they rot in hell, don't they have family, kids, don't they have any feeling, i am waiting for the final day, when we can celebrate freedom for our country and our country men
Long Live Iran

-- shamsi ، Feb 20, 2010

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