Friday, December 17, 2010
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Visiting privileges returned to Iranain political prisoners

One of the protests staged by families of political prisoners in the past month

After weeks of persistence, families of the political prisoners who started a hunger strike in Evin Prison finally managed to visit their kin.

Human rights websites report that families of political prisoners in the notorious section 350 of Evin Prison were finally allowed to visit their loved ones who had spent over three weeks on a hunger strike and four weeks in solitary confinement for protesting against mistreatment by prison authorities.

HERANA reporta that the families report that despite their ordeal, the prisoners’ morale remains high.

Over the past month, the families of these detainees had staged protests in front of various judiciary and prison buildings in order to demand the right to visit their kin in prison and to call for an end to the mistreatment of prisoners in Iran’s prison facilities.

The families pursued their protests with repeated letters to the judiciary and finally going on their own hunger strike on the outside.

On August 4, security forces confronted the families with severe violence in front of Tehran’s prosecutor’s office.

Iranian security forces prohibited the families from contacting the press and threatened them with arrest if they spoke to the media.

The prisoners, except for one, ended their hunger strike on the 22nd day after reformist figures urged them to end it in concern for their health.

The prisoners were gradually transferred from solitary confinement which led the last of the prisoners to also end his hunger strike.

The hunger strike of the prisoners was not reflected in the state media.

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