Friday, December 17, 2010
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Detained Freedom Movement leaders transferred to Tehran

Hashem Sabbaqian - Ebrahim Yazdi

Two days after their arrest in Esfahan, the government confirmed the arrest of eight members of the Freedom Movement organization and announced that two of their leaders were transferred to Tehran.

Last night IRNA announced the names of the detainees quoting “a knowledgeable source” and added that Ebrahim Yazdi, secretary-general of the political group, and Hashem Sabbaqian, another executive member, were transferred to Tehran.

IRNA reports that the detained members of Freedom Movement are accused of participating in “an illegal prayer session” and adds that Ebrahim Yazdi “planned on holding a private meeting with the other members of the Freedom Movement.”

IRNA also notes that Ebrahim Yazdi was on temporary leave from prison and had travelled to Esfahan “without informing the authorities.”

IRNA was told that Ebrahim Yazdi and Hashem Sabbaqian were transferred to Tehran because of their previous files at the judiciary and the other six remain in custody in Esfahan.

The group was arrested last Friday in Esfahan and according to Mizan Khabar, Freedom Movement website, they were attending a prayers session as part of a funeral.

Three of the senior members of Freedom Movement, including Ebrahim Yazdi, were arrested before, in the course of government crackdown on post-election protests.

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