Friday, December 17, 2010
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Widespread deployment of police in Tehran neighbourhoods

Commander Hossein Sajedinia

Commander Hossein Sajedinia, head of Tehran police forces announced the launch of local security plans in 800 locations of Tehran.

Commander Sajedinia maintained that operational forces have been deployed in 800 locations, and 2000 locations in total have been identified to be in need of implementation of this plan, Mehr news agency reported.

He contended that local deployment of the forces has been implemented with the suggestion of local communities.

Sajedinia added that the plan is put in place to confront "thugs, burglars, drug dealers, assailants and individuals in possession of various kinds of weapons." He reported the widespread deployment of the police all across the city is to provide adequate public security more adequately and effectively.

The Islamic Republic has implemented various projects in order to confront social crimes. Excessive use of violence by security officials has often been protested by human rights defenders in Iran.

Human rights groups often publish reports of such violations which are usually denied by Iranian authorities.

Arrest and transfer of detainees to Kahrizak Prison and their torture on the premises as well as their execution without adequate trials was one of these reports that were denied by the authorities.

According to an Amnesty International report, at least 388 people were executed in Iran in 2009 which according to official reports were mostly charged with social crimes.

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