Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Arrest of participants at reform group gathering

Shahabeddin Tabatabai

The majority of participants in a prayers ceremony for the release of an executive member of the reform group, Islamic Iran Participation Front were arrested today.

Norooz website reports that according to eyewitness testimony tonight’s ceremony for the release of Shahabeddin Tabatabai, which took place at the detainee’s residence, was raided by security forces who appeared at the scene in three vans. The report maintains that the participants were arrested and taken away in the vans to an unknown location.

Amongst the detainees were the spouses of some of the members, as well as Mohammadreza Jalaipour who had just recently been released after suffering two months of solitary confinement.

Reports at hand also indicate that some of the participants are detained at Mr. Tabatabai’s home and are prohibited from leaving.

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