Date of Publish: ۱۱ مهر ۱۳۸۸

Iranian student activists released

The fifteen members of the central council of the student organization Unity Consolidation Bureau who had been arrested yesterday by the ministry of intelligence were released this morning. The student activists, who were in the midst of an unofficial meeting in Jamshidieh Park, intended to discuss their activities for the new academic year. They were arrested for “intent to organize an illegal gathering.”
Amir Kabir Newsletter announced 20 student activists were released today and reported that two student detainees from yesterday were still in prison.

Last night Unity Consolidation Bureau reacted to the arrest of the student activists by publishing a statement warning authorities that “Failure to immediately free all student activists will mean taking responsibility for all its unforeseeable results.” They went on to write that “Such hasty and blind actions rather than calming the university atmosphere is more akin to dropping a spark in a warehouse of gunpowder.”

In the past 100 days numerous university students have been arrested and Tehran University dorm was attacked by unidentified security and disciplinary forces.

University students have started a new wave of protests with the start of the new academic year.