Date of Publish: ۲۳ فروردین ۱۳۸۹

Iranian bloggers receive major press award

Iranian bloggers won “Mohammad Amin” award on Friday for their efforts in covering the presidential elections in Iran. According to Rueters,the major press award was received by Delbar Tavakoli on behalf of the bloggers “"for their commitment, bravery and dedication under harrowing conditions and extraordinary pressure while covering the presidential election."
Mohammad Amin award, which was established in 1997 in honour of Reuters African cameraman who was killed in an airplane highjacking, is awarded every year to honour those who work behind the scenes of news reporting.

Head of Reuters News Agency business media, Christopher Pleitgen said in a statement: "Iranian bloggers redefined the concept of citizen journalism and social networking when they became the only source of news in Iran post-election."

Delbar Tavakoli who has fled Iran after losing her job, said while receiving the award: “I dedicate this award to my colleagues who worked hard to inform the world of the events in Iran.” She added: “Working as a journalist In Iran is very difficult mainly because of censorship.”

Once Iranian opposition leaders announced that the June elections were rigged to secure Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory, mass demonstrations protested the alleged fraud. The government and the armed forces confronted the masses with violence and the protests were put down through widespread arrests amongst them numerous journalists.

The state has close down scores of newspapers and media outlets and many journalist are being charged with conspiracy to topple the government because of their coverage of the recent events.


Comments of the visitors

If they vote for sanctions it probably won't amount to much but Qum should be deeply concerned about the agreement between China, Russia and America. I think that something else is happening: a re-alignment of power which finally places all the participants of the last war on the same side.

Suppose they reach an agreement that nobody trades in their markets who doesn't follow the rules e.g. no nuclear arms. The vote would set a precedent for the group. Want to get into these markets? Just change your mind about nuclear arms and it need not just concern Iran but North Korea, Taiwan, and other countries. Naturally American foreign policy must change.

The peace offer will remain as an option. Iran will always be able to change the situation but the government must change its policy.Put it to your countrymen this way. In view of all the fuss that Russia put up about those missiles in Europe what makes anybody think that it would tolerate a nuclear Iran?

Furthermore why should China assist on Iran if they aren't helped on North Korea? Finally why should Washington assist in either problem if they don't find assistance from them in Afghanistan? It's known in American politics as the package deal.

There's something for everyone except for Kim and Khameini who are making a horrible mistake. They are underestimating the importance of interdependence. Russia and America are far more important to China than trade with Iran. Qum simply possesses no leverage even with the bomb.

Long ago it was recognized as a political device more than a military one. So what does Khamini want? Iran deeply surprised China and Russia when they failed to take up Obama's offer. Any government that negotiated a peace with the West would be kept in power for years.

Did you learn about the Iranian diplomat who went to China to plead for the case against sanctions when the Chinese announced that they planned to attend the meeting on sanctions. Qum ordered the diplomat to stay and plead his case for Qum.

A policy of exclusion is developing for troublesome states. How far will it go? It all depends upon how much they need one another and realize it. Now that's the real story behind sanctions against Iran.

Obama and Clinton hold a different perspective of the world than Bush 43 and it is profound. Bush wasn't really interested in a working relationship with other nations. This administration is far better at managing power and interests than Bush 43.

Even Khameini must realize that the game has changed. Obama isn't Carter. His victory with health care reform has established himself as a 'going concern' in American politics. Previously he was considered the weak link in the government by the Republicans.

Obama put together a strong government but that doesn't mean a strong President. Sometimes a good administration will support a weak President for an uneven administration. At other times they will bring out the best in a suitable President.

Clinton and Biden wouldn't have bothered with him unless they saw something in him which was worth their time and effort. He wouldn't have asked them unless they shared far more in common then is realized.

As Madame Secretary at State she was obliged to stay out of domestic issues like health care. So the fight belonged to Obama. If he had lost Obama might have proven a drag on policies at State and Defense. His victory makes him valuable to his own adminstration which stengthens the government.

Right now an entente between the EU, the United States, Russia, China, India and Japan is far more important than Iran. It's the development of such an ad hoc committee for the management of Eurasia that will lead to trouble for Iran and other nations. Once they reach agreement they will know what to do.

No matter what you think of China they would never actually vote against Iran unless they were assured that supply of oil would be available to them e.g. Saudi Arabia or the Gulf states. It's also likely that it's the Chinese who are negotiating with Iran not America or Russia.

If they postpone the vote it will be due to Chinese advice that it be given more time but if Khameini is simply stringing them along for more time it will lead to a hostile China and a sorry Iran.

Personally I don't think that the government is ready for peace with its neighbors, America and Russia.

-- Daedalus ، Apr 12, 2010 at time 02:41 PM