Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Reformist group Combatant Clerics calls for self-restraint

Iran’s reformist group, Association of Combatant Clerics posted an announcement on Norooz website warning people to exercise restraint and remain calm in the face of any violent government confrontation they might encounter. The announcement emphasizes the constitutional provisions regarding “freedom of speech, and liberty to form gatherings and liberty of parties and organizations.”
The statement pointed to the recent meeting of the Association of Combatant Clerics led by former president, Mohammad Khatami, stating that they “will defend people’s rights and condemn any form of violence.”

They also condemned the “planned assault” on Mehdi Karroubi, disputing candidate of the June presidential election and Alireza Beheshti, senior aide to MirHosein Mousavi, in the press and media exhibition in Tehran on Friday.

Earlier Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and conservative cleric, Ayatollah Janati had warned about the planned demonstrations by election protesters on November 4th.

November 4 in Iran is the Day of the Student and the anniversary of the takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran. Every year the government stages anti-US marches on this day. Election protesters have announced that they will once more join a protest march on this day to express their own national concerns regarding transparency in the election process and justice for all political prisoners.

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