Nov 2009

Ahmadinejad criticized for "oppression of dissidents"

In an open letter to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Nargess Mohammadi, deputy director of Defenders of Human Rights Council criticized his government’s pressures on social activists and oppression of dissidents in Iran.

Another Iranian journalist handed heavy prison term

Hengameh Shahidi, Iranian journalist arrested in the post-election events has been sentenced to six years and three months in prison, according to her lawyer Mohammad Mostafayi.

Montazeri: Basij not supposed to support path of Satan

Prominent Iranian reformist cleric, Ayatollah Hoseinali Montazeri criticized the role of Basij militia in the violent suppression of the post-election protesters and maintained the Basij was not established to serve “in the path of the Satan.”

Iran passes bill to reveal US and British "human rights violations"

Parliament of Iran has approved a bill giving the government $20 million in order to reveal cases of “human rights violations” committed by the US and Britain.

Tehran prosecutor urged to remove journalist from solitary confinement

In a letter to the judiciary, Zhila Bani-Yaghoub urged Tehran Prosecutor General not to allow her husband, Bahman Ahmadi Amouyi, Iranian journalist, to be kept in solitary confinement until the date of his court hearing on December 12.

Iranian minister backs gender segregation in universities

Kamran Daneshjou, Iranian Minister of Science announced that “segregation of sexes” in the universities in accordance with “the Islamic worldview” will be put to practice in Iranian universities.

Call for probe into death of post-election victim

Family of Kianoosh Asa, one of the victims of post-election events in Iran, has written to Iranian authorities to call for a probe into the details of the young man’s death and prosecution of its perpetrators.

Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Amoli resigns his position

The ranks of Iran's top clerics have become heavily polarized in the recent election protests. Ayatollah Javadi Amoli resigned from his position as the Imam of Qom’s Friday Prayers giving his last sermon today.

Iranian-Kurdish author to serve 15 months in prison

Iranian Kurdish writer, Abbas Jalilian has been sent to Kermanshah prison to serve out a 15 month imprisonment term. He is accused by Iranian authorities of “activities against national security through identifying and attracting spies and introducing them to foreign countries.”

Iran denies confiscation of Nobel Peace Medal

Iran Foreign Ministry denies “confiscation of Nobel Peace Medal and diploma” of Shirin Ebadi in Iran, claiming the matter is connected with “tax issues,” and is being used as a political ploy.

Karroubi: I did not expect this level of violence

In an exclusive interview with a Dutch Channel 2 television program, Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi maintained that he never believed the election dispute would become confrontational and he especially did not expect the extent of violence would reach the level it has.

Tajbakhsh facing new charges in Iran

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported new charges of espionage are being laid against Iranian-American scholar, Kyan Tajbakhsh by Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Human rights groups demand probe into Iranian physician's death

Three human rights organizations have written to Iranian authorities to express their concern regarding the “suspicious” death of Ramin Pourandarjani, the physician who allegedly examined some of the victims of torture in Iran’s infamous Kahrizak detention centre.

More post-election detainees released on bail

Behzad Nabavi, another prominent face amongst Iran’s post-election detainees was released today for 10 days on an 800-million-touman ($800,000) bail. Shapoor Kazemi, brother-in-law of opposition leader MirHosein Mousavi was also released on bail.

Mousavi condemns Basij role as oppressive force

On the thirtieth anniversary of Iran’s Basij militia, opposition leader MirHosein Mousavi cautioned the government to desist from turning the voluntary organization in a force for the oppression of the people.

Human rights group condemns arrest of Iranian students

Iran’s prosecution and “arbitrary” arrests of university students in anticipation of the Day of University Student on December 7, have been condemned by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Iranian seminaries take over public schools

Management of Iranian public schools is being transferred to the seminaries. Etemad daily cites Ali Zolelm, head of Council of Cooperation between Ministry of Education and the seminaries saying that in several provinces and the city of Qom, seminaries have taken over the management of schools.

Ban on Hamshahri daily lifted amidst controversy

Yesterday's ban on Hamshahri newspaper, Tehran’s highest circulating daily was lifted today amidst disputes in the City Council. The daily, which was banned for publishing a photograph of a Baha’i temple in its ad section, will still have to face charges in court.

Iran's prominent reformist detainees released on bail

Mohammad Atrianfar, member of the reformist party the Executives of Construction, was released on a bail of 500 million toumans ($500,000) according to ISNA. He has been handed a preliminary sentence of six years in prison.

Situation of journalists deteriorating in Iran

Reporters Without Borders once more announced grave concern over the “critical” situation of journalists in Iran as another Iranian journalist, Sasan Aghayi, was arrested and others handed long prison terms.