Date of Publish: ۶ آذر ۱۳۸۸

Iran denies confiscation of Nobel Peace Medal

Ramin Mehmanparast

Spokesman for Iranian Foreign Ministry denied reports of the “confiscation of Nobel Peace medal and Diploma” of Shirin Ebadi in Iran claiming the matter is connected with “tax issues.”

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store issued a statement yesterday saying: "The medal and the diploma have been removed from Dr. Ebadi's bank box, together with other personal items. Such an act leaves us feeling shock and disbelief."

According to ILNA, Ramin Mehmanparast, Ministry spokesman connected the affair to “tax evasion.” He condemned Norwegian authorities of “having political intentions” in their protests to Iran.

Shirin Ebadi is the first Iranian who has ever received the Nobel Peace Prize.

MohammadAli Dadkhah,Iranian court attorney and one of the founding member of the human rights group connected with Ms. Ebadi informed Agence France Presse that the Nobel Prize money which was deposited in a bank account to help imprisoned human rights activists and their families has been blocked. He also maintained that in blocking the account the authorities have not even honoured their own legal procedures.

This is he first time that the Nobel Peace Prize has been confiscated by a government.