Date of Publish: ۸ آذر ۱۳۸۸

Iran passes bill to reveal US and British "human rights violations"

Parliament of Iran has approved a bill giving the government $20 million in order to reveal cases of “human rights violations” committed by the US and Britain.

A preliminary reading of the bill was passed in September and today it also passed its final reading.

The objective of this bill has been described as confronting “unjust limitations and conspiracies” carried out by the US and Britain against Iran, and generating global awareness of “numerous human rights violations” committed by the two governments.

The budget will be prepared by a committee comprised of members from the Ministries of Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Communications and Technology, and Islamic Culture as well as the Revolutionary Guards. The work will be supervised by the Foreign Affairs and National Security Council.

The bill appears as a response to the bill passed by US Senate in July allotting $20 million to help Iranians confront web censorship in the Islamic Republic. The bill also called VOICE (Victims of Iranian Censorship) also gives $30,000 to expand Persian language broadcasting into Iran by Radio Farda and VOA and help them overcome Iranian filtering efforts. Five million dollars was also assigned to gathering evidence of human rights violations by Iran, especially in the post-election protests.