Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Iran confirms five deaths and 300 arrests

AP-After capturing a Special Guards officer people draped his head with green cloth

After hours of delay in covering the unrest in Tehran and denying the extent of protests and clashes, Iranian State media have finally confirmed that five people were killed and 300 arrested in today’s protests in Tehran.

Iranian Police Force has issued a statement saying five people have been killed today under “suspicious circumstances.” It adds that Security Forces made efforts to restore peace through “verbal communication,” but they were "swarmed and attacked by rioters and a number of security officers were injured.”

The statement goes on to say that following the “attack of the rioters,” police tried to re-establish peace and disperse the crowds “without resorting to fire arms.”

Commander Radan announced that in today’s events “one individual was killed due to falling from a bridge, two were hit by a car and another died from a gunshot.” He claimed the death from the gunshot remains “suspicious.”

Commander Radan also maintained that a number of public and private vehicles were set on fire by “rioters.”

AP-Special Guards retreat after engaging protesters

Elections protesters took to the streets today to reaffirm their protests against the government which they claim has seized power through vote fraud. Reports and images from the demonstrations reveal high level of violence erupted as police forces clashed with demonstrators.

Security forces used tear gas and aerial shots to disperse crowds. While government media have made every effort to downplay the extent of the protests referring to them as minor disturbances, reformist websites described today’s clashes as the most “unprecedented” expression of dissent in the protests of the past six months.

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