Date of Publish: ۵ دی ۱۳۸۸

Iranian protesters confronted by government forces

Tehran’s streets are rife with protesters who had announced that they would continue their street protests on the religious days of Tasoa and Ashura, today and tomorrow. Crowds are being confronted by government forces at every turn,

Protesters began their demonstrations from Emam Hossein Square today and were attacked by riot police and plain clothes forces who also used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Special Forces have been deployed along the main route of demonstrators and reformist website Jaras reports that pro-government forces break the windows of cars that honk in support of protesters.

Jaras reports that confrontations are widespread across the city and some protesters are being chased by government bikers in the alleys. According to Jaras some protesters who had sheltered themselves at ISNA News Headquarters were chased by bikers and attacked with chains and batons.

Eyewitnesses have informed Zamaneh that people have started chanting slogans against the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei upon being confronted violently with riot police.

People are being searched on the metro and around the city and in some instances cell phones are being confiscated. Bus passengers have also been shouting their support with protesters, according to Jaras.

Al-Arabiah reports that the Revolutionary Guards have put their forces on alert in Tehran, Qom, Najafabad, Esphahan and Mashhad.