Date of Publish: ۷ بهمن ۱۳۸۸

Detained Mousavi aide accused of espionage

Iran Ministry of Intelligence accused a senior aide of disputing candidate of the presidential elections, MirHosein Mousavi, of “espionage." They also announced that during Ashura Day events, on December 27, they also arrested two German diplomats.

In a press conference, a deputy of the Ministry told reporters that one of Mr. Mousavi’s advisers was in contact with Western intelligence organizations and has confessed to his “crime of espionage.”

While he did not reveal the identity of the adviser, he claimed this individual was in possession of communication tools from Western intelligence services.

Since the Ashura Day protests, ten senior aides of MirHosein Mousavi have been arrested and the most prominent of them are Alireza Beheshti and Mohammadreza Tajik.

Intelligence Minister’s deputy also announced that on Ashura Day they arrested two German diplomats going by the assumed names of “Yogi and Ingo.” He claimed these individuals were involved in the “disturbances” of Ashura Day.

Earlier the judiciary also reported that the Swedish Charge d’affaires was arrested for 24 hours in connection with Ashura Day events.

The Intelligence Ministry claimed the Ashura Day events were pre-planned and the arrested Germans were in charge of a network of people who were involved in the “disturbances.”

They added that they believe "this network is connected to German intelligence services and is comprised of several young Iranian men and women who were involved in propaganda efforts and communication with foreign elements and websites.”

He also added that they have detained a 44-year-old woman who was in contact with the “Association of Iranian Monarchists.” The Ministry maintains that they have recovered large amounts of gold and jewellery which they claim the detainee handed out to people who participated in the “disturbances.”

The Ministry deputy went on to announce the arrest of a number of individuals allegedly belonging to Iran’s various Marxist groups.

He claimed these individuals collaborated with each other under the pretexts of other groups such as the “Mother’s of Peace and the Gathering of Mourning Mother.”

Despite earlier claims that 300 people were arrested on Ashura Day, today the Ministry announced that 1000 people were arrested on that day.

Gatherings of election protesters on Ashura Day led to widespread violence as government forces attacked protesters.

Human rights groups have expressed deep concern that the Islamic Republic intends to issue death sentences for many of the Ashura Day detainees.