Date of Publish: ۲۰ دی ۱۳۸۸

Parliamentary report condemns Mortazavi and judiciary officials

Saeed Mortazavi

A report prepared by the Special Parliamentary Probe Committee investigating the post-election treatment of protesters and detainees was read today in Iran’s parliament.

In it, Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran’s former Prosecutor General is found responsible for the events at the notorious detention centre Kahrizak and in conclusion, disputing candidates of the presidential election, MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi are accused of “provoking people’s sentiments” and causing the “unpleasant events.”

The report maintains that Saeed Mortazavi ordered the transfer of detainees to Kahrizak. He told the committee that he ordered the transfer because Evin prison was “over-capacitated” but Evin Prison officials have denied this.

Mortazavi has also falsely told the Special Committee that the conditions at Kahrizak were “standard and appropriate.”

The report adds that despite claims of the judiciary officials, Kahrizak was an official detention centre and all judiciary officials were aware of its existence and accountable for the events that took place there.

The report confirms Mohsen Ruholamini, Mohammad Kamrani and Amir Javadifar died at Kahrizak due to beatings they suffered by the hands of their jailers.

It adds that Saeed Mortazavi falsely claimed that these individuals died from “meningitis.”

The Special committee writes that some of the detainees reported mistreatments such as “147 people being incarcerated in 70 square meters, lack of air-conditioning and sanitary conditions, verbal abuse, beatings, and being put together with ruffians.”

The report maintains that the detainees were clearly subjected to “cruelty” and the events at Kahrizak have “compromised the reputation of the regime.”

This rare condemnation of the judiciary officials comes seven moths after widespread protests broke out in Tehran disputing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election. In the process of putting down the protests, the Islamic Republic arrested over 5000 people, many of whom were harshly abused while in detention.

The Committee recommends that all judicial, official and security authorities involved in these events should be identified and confronted.

In other sections, the report maintains that they have interviewed 60 post-election detainees in Evin prison who were all satisfied with their condition at the prison.

The Committee also writes that after complete investigations they have concluded that none of the detainees were ever subjected to any sexual abuse.

In conclusion the report maintains: “If the two presidential candidates had not provoked people’s sentiments and incited them into breaking the law, we would not have been witnesses to such bitter events.”