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Mousavi declares spreading awareness main strategy

MirHosein Mousavi

MirHosein Mousavi announced that the main strategy of the Green Movement is an expansion of social networks and dissemination of information, and he invited supporters to inform the disadvantaged strata of the society in the framework of “every citizen, a media.”

In an interview with Kalameh website, the opposition leader called on the government to issue a permit to the supporters of the Green Movement and also reinstate the dailies of “Kalameh Sabz” and “Etemed-e Melli” which were banned in the post-election events.

MirHosein Mousavi maintained that the persistence of “deviation” in the national broadcasting, Seda va Sima as well as the ban of newspapers and arrest of journalists can only be overcome by the strategy of “each citizen, a media.”

He condemned policies such as blocking media channels and hacking or filtering internet sites and maintained that the presence of Green Movement TV and radio channels would only strengthen the system and national unity.

The opposition leader called on protesters not to forget their goals and fall into “ordinariness and passivity.”

The opposition leader emphasized that Green supporters should know that the stances of a few extremist and self-serving clerics” do not represent the opinions of the whole clergy and they should beware “not to fall in the trap that is trying to distance the clergy from the movement.”

He added that true clerics do not use “obscenities” in reference to people, they do not support killing and arresting people and they also “distinguish between the interests of Islam and the nation as opposed to the interests of one faction.”

The former head of the Academy of Fine Arts emphasized that “the presence of the clergy in the Green Movement is vital.”

MirHosein Mousavi also made a reference to the February 11 events saying the demonstrations of this day were “engineered” and as such no cause for "reassurance" for the government.

On February 11, protesters against the alleged fraud in the June presidential elections were planning to take to the streets again as they have done on several occasions in the past ten months, to reaffirm their protests against election fraud and demands for justice. Government forces confronted protesters with severity and impeded them from gathering. Meanwhile they reportedly bussed in government supporters from all over the country to make a show of force.

The disputing candidate of the elections maintained that “such engineered gatherings are no cause for pride and are similar to the despotic mindset and policies prior to the Revolution,” referring to the system of monarchy which the Islamic Republic supplanted.

He claimed: “The government took on heavy costs using numerous buses and trains from all across the country in various official forms to defuse the presence of the Green Movement on this day.” In addition he added that the widespread presence of security and military forces on this day and their “brutal and violent” behaviour was unprecedented.

He especially condemned the attacks on Mehdi Karroubi and Mohammad Khatami, the two opposition leaders who were attacked by machete and club-yielding mobs and expressed surprise that the government intends to resolve the situation through scaring people.

He surmised that the government fears the number and social extent of Green supporters which explains why they fiercely oppose their gathering.

The opposition leader once more emphasized that free elections, freedom of prisoners and the media as well as an end to the current security-laden atmosphere are the only moves that can save the regime from losing its legitimacy. He claimed any move that is made toward realizing people’s rights, far from showing “weakness”, will in fact signify the power of the Islamic Republic.

He claimed: “Our people can differentiate very well between merciful piety and power-mongering in the guise of religion.”

The disputing candidate of the elections declared: “Our people do not want surveillance of their letters, messages and telephone conversations…They do not want most of their national and economic projects to end up in the hands of the Revolutionary Guards and semi-government organizations under the guise of privatization…They do not want our teachers and workers to be beaten and attacked for demanding their rights. They do not want our women to be insulted when they call for an end to discrimination.”

In conclusion, in reference to rumours that protesters are planning to stage further demonstrations on Chaharshanbeh Souri festival, the last Tuesday night of the Iranian year which ends on March 21, MirHosein Mousavi announced that this festival of “light against darkness” is part of the people’s heritage and although Green supporters are fond of national and religious symbols and events, they do not wish to turn these events into occasions for harassment of people.

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After following Iran election for nine months. Is my opinion the Movement only goes for a Secular Democratic Iran. Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karroubi will be temporary leaders

-- Raymond Morrison ، Feb 27, 2010

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