Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Protests staged in numerous Iranian cities

Anti-government demonstrations have been reported from all over Iran, in cities such as Shiraz, Esfahan, Mashad and Ahvaz.

Neday-e Sabz-e Azadi reports that in Mashad at least 100 people have been arrested in the Day’s demonstrations.

Reportedly since last night Basij and security forces have been marching the streets of Mashad carrying arms.

In Shiraz, riot police have attacked protesters demonstrations and reportedly arrested over 20 people.

In Esfahan reportedly opposition forces have planted themselves on the two sides of the legendary Si-o-Se Pol (33 Bridges) chanting “Ya Hossein! MriHossein!” and “Allahoakbar!”

images of today's protests in Esfahan:

An eyewitness told Neday-e Sabz-e Azadi that the police blocked traffic on the Bridge and tried to disperse the crowd with aerial shots and tear gas bombs. Five people have also been reportedly arrested in Esfahan.

In Ahvaz also protesters were reported chanting “Death to the dictator!”

There are also numerous reports of violent confrontation of protesters in Tehran today by government forces.

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Full of admiration of the braveness of the Iranian people

-- Hilde ، Feb 11, 2010

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