Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Reformist organization calls for release of Iran's political detainees

In a message issued on the occasion of Iranian New Year, reformist organization, National Trust Party called for a fundamental change in the policies of the Islamic Republic that would lead to the release of all political prisoners in the New Year.

The party expressed its hopes that the goals of the founder of the Islamic Republic will be reached this year and the “rightful” demands of protesters will come to fruition.

The message states that the entire system has been disrupted because of disruptions in its three fundamental pillars of “republic,” “Islamic” and “being Iranian.”

The reformist party condemned “altering votes,” “distorting” statements and displaying a “violent-seeking” image of Ayatollah Khomeini in order to justify policies of violence and exclusivity.

The National Trust Party also condemned the “propaganda attacks” against Imam Khomeini Institute which is in charge of preserving and publishing the works of the founder of the Islamic Republic.

The Imam Khomeini Institute and the family of the late Ayatollah Khomeini have aligned themselves with the opposition and thus become the target of hardline attacks.

The National Trust Party also condemned the closure of their offices and maintained that this unconstitutional act throws a shadow of doubt over the independence of the judiciary.

Last September, the office of National Trust Party was closed down by the authorities and the editor-in-chief of its site, Mohammad Davari was arrested. Despite continued legal efforts by the Party, there have been no developments in any of these cases.

The statement also condemns the attacks on Mehdi Karroubi in the past months. Most recently a pro-government crowd gathered in front of Karroubi residence breaking the windows and defacing the walls with slogans against Karroubi, Mousavi and Khatami, the three opposition leaders.

Islamic Iran Participation Front, Iran’s other major reform organization also issued a statement for the New Year announcing that the solution to the current crisis passes through the “highway of freedom.”

The reformist group condemned the arrest of thousands of people in the post-election protests and described the “suppression” of the protesters as an “unprecedented record” in politics.

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