Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Senior Iranian reformist sentenced to 3 years in prison

ILNA-Azar Mansouri

Azar Mansouri, a senior Iranian reformist was sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Iranian judiciary.

The preliminary sentence was pronounced yesterday according to Mansouri’s attorney and will be taken to the appeals court.

The political deputy of Islamic Iran Participation Front has been charged with “disturbing public order, propaganda against the regime, publishing lies as well as gathering and colluding with intention to disrupt national security.”

Ms. Mansouri’s attorney maintains that the court has so far ignored his application to secure a period of leave for his client.

Azar Mansouri was arrested in September of 2009 at the home of her sister. Following the arrest, her home was raided and her documents were confiscated.

In the post-election turmoil, members of the two Iranian reformist groups, Islamic Iran Participation Front and Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution have become the target of repeated arrests.

Some of these detainees have received prison terms and a number have been released on heavy bails.

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