Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Iranian Teachers Association leaders arrested

scene from previous teacher demonstrations in Iran

AliAkbar Baghani and Mohammad Beheshti Langaroudi, secretary-general and spokesman of Teachers Association of Iran were arrested yesterday by Islamic Republic security forces.

Reportedly the two labour activists were arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence following the issuance of an announcement by the Coordination Council of Teachers’ Organizations.

The announcement issued last week stated that a group of labour activists will go on a week-long hunger strike to protest the “illegal imprisonment and execution sentences” handed to a number of teachers.

The announcement calls on all teachers across the country to join this protest effort which is to start on May 2, National Teacher’s Day in Iran.

It is also reported that Tofigh Mortezapour, member of Tabriz Teacher’s Association was arrested at his home in Tabriz.

Three teachers’ rights activists were also arrested in Hamadan, according to Kalameh website. They have been reportedly committed to solitary confinement at the Ministry of Intelligence following interrogations.

Two members of Teachers’ Association in Kermanshah were also prosecuted for organizing protests.

In another attempt at stifling teachers labour activities, teachers’ websites have been blocked by the Islamic Republic authorities at the threshold of National Teacher’s Day.

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