Date of Publish: ۸ اردیبهشت ۱۳۸۹

Foreign staff to leave Kandahar Province

The United Nations and International organizations have announced that they will evacuate their staff from Kandahar province in the south of Afghanistan due to lack of security.

Kandahar province was the centre of the former Taleban regime and in the past year it has been the site of repeated bombings and terrorist attacks on influential people.

Local officials and Kandahar Provincial Council have announced that the evacuation of international staff will be detrimental to the residents of the area.

AhmadVali Karzai, brother of Afghanistan president and head of Kandahar Council announced that the departure of international personnel will have negative effects on the people’s morale as well as the rebuilding projects.

According to AhmadiVali Karzai the situation in Kandahar province is not so bad as to impede the foreign personnel from accomplishing their tasks.

The office of United Nations in Kandahar province announced that the evacuation of their foreign personnel has been deemed necessary after extensive review and analyses of the conditions.

Last night, a NATO logistics office near Kandahar airport was the target of a suicide attack followed by an attack by semi-military forces.

Kandahar police chief announced that in the course of last night’s attacks three police officers were killed and 35 were injured.

NATO has announced that it will undertake extensive operations against Taleban in Kandahar province in the near future.