Date of Publish: ۷ اردیبهشت ۱۳۸۹

Mousavi condemns Islamic Republic's violent actions in name of Islam

MirHosein Mousavi

Opposition leader, MirHosein Mousavi once more condemned the State’s violent policies against protesters in the name of Islam and added that Islam has become a “hollow shell” in Iran.

Speaking in a group of “Devotees of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense” Mousavi said: “Islam does not beat people up; it does not arrest people; it does not slander people; it does not lock people up and create restrictions.”

Iran’s former prime minister declared: “Why is it that all inefficiencies and problems are blamed on Islam?”

He maintained that the Green Movement needs to inform the public regarding all these “problems” because people’s awareness of their rights can be the most effective “tool for change that can benefit Islam and the Revolution.”

He also warned that while the government strives to eradicate all organizations, the Green Movement will respond to such policies only with “promotion of awareness.”

Mousavi maintained: “We must update our methods. Now that we do not have newspapers, we must find new ways. While we still pursue the possibility of newspapers, we must persist in informing the public through virtual media, gatherings, the family and the word of mouth.”

The opposition leader stressed that information should be spread all across the society’s strata including villagers, farmers, tradespeople, workers and teachers. He added: “We must tell them that this kind of life is below their dignity.”

He claimed the Islamic Republic has lost touch with the people.

Mousavi and the opposition leaders have been accused of having disembarked from the “system’s vessel,” by the Supreme Leader.

Mousavi reacted to this comment saying: “We have not left the vessel of Islam. And as Muslims, we want to act in ways that will not disappoint our younger generation.”


Comments of the visitors

I didn't vote for any of the three candidates.The idea of keeping the Islamic Republic alive after all we experience is stupid.I am still hoping the green movement will bring change to a certain degree

-- massoud najare ، Apr 26, 2010 at time 09:22 PM

I think it is naïve of many who want a totally secular republic in Iran to think that all Iran's political problems and despotistic political attitudes will disappear. Even the most 'advanced democracies' like the US or the UK operate within both written & unwritten rules. In both these countries it is only ever possible, within the system there is, to vote for one of two parties. Crucial policies of state rarely change despite the depth of public opinion. Despite over 2m people demonstrating against the war on Iraq and the overwhelming public opinion against these wars, the govt went ahead with it based on a lie and it took many years of protest to even get a truncated inquiry without any teeth to prosecute any of the worst offenders particularly Tony Blair who lied to parliament. Islam has a reference to what governance should be like as per the example of the Prophet and Imam Ali. It is healthy and it is thanks to the presence of this alternative Islamic narrative that there will be a possibility of reform within IRI as otherwise the hardliners have previously shown no qualms in suppressing their secular opponents. But they have more difficulty in suppressing religious opponents esp those within the establishment. The process Iran is going through is painful but necessary after all gleaming steel is not possible unless the iron is foundered in a hot and cold furnace. I believe Karroubi & Mosavi are taking the logical approach and will help effect the change in attitude amongst the populace which will then filter into pressure on the govt and SL from within their own constituencies.

-- rezvan ، Apr 27, 2010 at time 09:22 PM