Date of Publish: ۲۲ فروردین ۱۳۸۹

Reformist group urges action for political detainees

Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution of Iran logo

Iranian reformist organization, Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution of Iran urged the Islamic Republic to respect the human and legal rights of all political prisoners during their time in custody.

Kalameh reports that the Mojahedin Organization contends that many political prisoners are currently suffering “”dire conditions” in jail and those in power are trying to “ignore” the existence of these political prisoners.

The reformist group goes on to say that social and media activists are being held “in general sections of the prison, beside drug smugglers and murderers.”

They conclude that these policies are ways of further pressuring the detainees to repent and express regret.

Mujahedin of Islamic Revolution of Iran invited all parties, media outlets and social institutions to fulfill their “human, religious and legal” duty by speaking out against the “dire conditions” of prisoners.

Over five thousand people were arrested in the post-election events. A number of these detainees are in very difficult physical conditions and their lawyers have expressed grave concern regarding their well-being.