Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian election detainees receive stiff prison terms

The appellate court upheld heavy prison sentences for Iranian post-election detainees Massoud Bastani, Azar Mansouri, Saeed Nour Mohammadi and Mohammad Amin Valian.

ILNA reports today, Mohammad Shariff, attorney to detained journalist Massoud Bastani, announced that his client was handed a sentence of six years in prison and the appeals court made no reduction in the preliminary sentencing.

Massoud Bastani received five years for “creating chaos” and another one year for “propaganda against the regime.” He has also received a monetary fine of $34,000.

Azar Mansouri, senior member of the reformist organization, Islamic Iran Participation Front, was handed a three-year prison term by the appeals court.

She was arrested last September and is currently out on bail.

Mohammad Mostafai, attorney to Saeed Nour Mohammadi, head of youth branch of Islamic Iran Participation Front, announced that his client has been sentenced to five years in prison and banned from political activity for 30 years.

The Revolutionary Court also announced that Mohammad Amin Valian has been handed a three and a half year prison sentence along with a 3-million-rial fine by the appeals court.

Valian had been sentenced to execution for the charge of “Moharebeh” in the preliminary hearing.

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