Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian political activists support nuclear swap agreement

A group of Iranian national-religious political activists issued a statement in support of today’s nuclear exchange agreement in Tehran and declared that from a “political and economic” stance, it is in the interest of the Iranian nation.

The announcement states that fuel exchange “in a friend country that is well-trusted in a positive step.”

Mohammad Bastehnegar, Ezzatollah Sahabi, Taghii Rahmani, Hosein Rafii, Reza Raistoosi, Hossein ShahHosseini, Azam Taleghani, Reza Alijani and Nezameddin Ghahari are signatories of this announcement.

According to the statement, the fuel exchange agreement could end economic sanctions against Iran, and in political terms, it could also lead to “transparency” in Iran’s relationship with the world.

These political activists maintain that the government’s oil revenues have tripled since the time of the Reformist Government; however, “lack of foresight and adventurism of the government” has kept the majority of the people in poverty.

The statement calls for collaboration of both conservative and reformist political activists in supporting this government initiative.

This morning reports indicate that Iran has come to agreement with Turkey and Brazil on their proposals regarding nuclear fuel exchange.

Iran has agreed to exchange its low density uranium with 20 percent enriched nuclear fuel from the West on Turkish territory. They have agreed to allow a year for the delivery of the high density uranium.

The breakthrough in agreements has come after Hilary Clinton and Dimitri Medvedev had both said they were no optimistic about the outcome of today’s trilateral talks in Tehran.

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