Date of Publish: ۲ خرداد ۱۳۸۹

Iran's Green Movement sites issue message of resistance

Seven Green Iranian Sites

Seven news Sites connected to the Green Movement of Iran issued a joint statement declaring that they will “resist and persevere” in their mission of informing the public until the fall of “despotism” and the moment of “victory.”

Emrooz (Today), Tahavole Sabz (Green Evolution), Jaras (Path of the Green Movement), Neday-e Sabz-e Azadi (The Green Voice of Freedom), Raymankojast (Where’s my vote?), Mizan and Saham News are the seven sites that issued the statement on the anniversary of May 23 protests in Iran.

The announcement also urges the public to contact them with their innovations and suggestions about “disseminating information.”

The sites also announce that “resistance, defending the rights of the citizens, unity and avoidance of all forms of violence” are the pillars of their media activities.

These sites invite people to “resist and persist in their legal demands to restore the lost principles of the constitution.”

The announcement also states that the people participated in the 2009 elections in order to “change and topple the dictatorship of lies, to re-establish the rule of law, to restore human values and to promote a merciful Islam.” It goes on to add that “instead they were confronted with a pre-engineered election” and their “silent” protests to its fraudulent results were answered with “fire.”

The massive street protests of last June were confronted with the violent reaction of Islamic Republic government forces.

The sites maintain that in the past year, the Green movement “has been successful in delivering its message of freedom to various strata of the society despite fierce oppression from the government.”

The reformist sites also indicate that the media is currently experiencing its “darkest and tightest” days in Iran and many journalists, following the closure of reformist newspapers by the government, have had to continue their news activities through the internet.

The reformist efforts through the internet have also been the target of “government hackers” according to the announcement which says: “The authoritarian government has spent exorbitant amounts of the public treasury to hire professional international hackers under the name of a Cyber Army in order to carry out terrorist attacks in the field of cyber communications and to silence the voice of the green media.”

However, they maintain that “all these satanic efforts will be defused by the expertise of Green Movement media operators.”