Friday, December 17, 2010
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Six executed in Iran for drug charges

Six people accused of keeping and carrying drugs were executed in Iran this morning.

According to Tehran Revolutionary Court, Arsalan Asadi, MohammadAli Fakhri, Abbas Garavand, Rahman Biyabani, Parviz Taghizadeh and Saeed Mikaili were executed this morning at Ghezel Hessar in Karaj.

Human rights groups report that after China, the number of executions in Iran is the highest in the world. According to an AFP report, in the 2010, so far Iran has executed 56 people.

Last week a group of European Union envoys visited the National Security Commission of the Parliament to express concern over the continuation of executions and violation of human rights in Iran.

Esmail Kosari, a member of the National Security Commission announced that the envoys were told: “If you are concerned for human rights, you should first check on the crimes of the Zionist regime of Ghaza.”

Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights is supposed to visit Iran to inspect the situation of human rights in Iran.

Iran has welcomed the visit and announced that if European countries change their human rights policies, Tehran is also willing to take “new steps” in that direction.

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