Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iran’s Leader refuses to release detained students

91 students were arrested in the attack on Tehran University dorm

Spokesman for Iran’s Guardian Council Abbasali Kadkhodayi announced that Iran’s Supreme Leader has “firmly” expressed his opposition to the “release of detained students” as suggested by Fatemeh Karroubi, wife of opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi.

Reportedly Ayatollah Khamenei has said: “I am surprised by this suggestion. If someone is guilty of an offence, they have to be confronted. If they are not at fault, they will obviously be released.”

Fars news agency quotes the Supreme Leader saying: “What you are asking of us, to pardon someone just because they are students, is startling.”

Kadkhodayi insists that the Supreme Leader’s statements reveal his confidence in the execution of the law.

The Guardian Council spokesman reported that the Council’s meeting was aimed at reviewing the outcome of the elections and the allegation of fraud in the presence of Mehdi Karroubi and MirHosein Mousavi, the disputing candidates of the elections.

In the course of widespread protests against the victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the allegations of vote fraud, the Islamic Republic has cracked down on protesters with scores of arrests. Many of the detainees are university students.

During an attack on Tehran University dorm, according to official claims, 91 students were arrested. The opposition claims the number of students arrested on this night is closers to the hundreds.

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