Date of Publish: ۲۶ خرداد ۱۳۸۹

Khatami: They want to pass Fascism as Islam

Mohammad Khatami

Former Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami condemned pro-government attacks against reformist Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Sanei in Qom and said: “They are trying to pass a kind of fascistic behaviour as the way of Islam and Revolution in society.”

In a meeting with the youth branch of the National Trust Party, the reformist leader said: “When they treat the residence of Ayatollah Sanei in this manner, we should be concerned. We cannot say these are arbitrary acts when in complete freedom and security they feel free to commit any insult and injury and they are equipped with such equipment that is not easily acquired by ordinary people.”

The residence of Ayatollah Sanei in Qom was swarmed and attacked by a group of pro-government forces in plain clothes this week when opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi was visiting with the outspoken reformist cleric.

Mohammad Khatami condemned the policy of trying to omit the opposition from every aspect of the society and stressed that such rejection of competent and concerned members of the society only hurts the “Revolution and the regime.”

Khatami concluded: “We must proceed based on Imam (Khomeini’s) ideals and the provisions of the constitution rather than base everything on invalid interpretations.”