Friday, December 17, 2010
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9 and a half years in prison for Iranian student activist

Bahareh Hedayat

An Iranian appellate court approved the nine and a half year prison sentence for Bahareh Hedayat, executive member of Iranian student organization, Consolidation Bureau today.

In her preliminary court, Bahareh Hedayat was sentenced to five years in prison for “assembly and collusion against the regime”, two years for “insulting the leadership” and another six months for “insulting the president and advertising against the regime.”

She also had a two year suspended prison term from four years ago for organizing a demonstration on June 12.

Hedayat, who is also a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign to change discriminatory laws against Iranian women, was arrested last December and is currently in women’s section of Evin Prison.

Furthermore, Daneshjoo news also reported today that Milad Asadi , another executive member of the Consolidation Bureau also received a final decision from the appellate court today sentencing him to seven and a half year in prison.

Asadi is also accused of "assembly and propaganda against the regime as well as insulting the leadership."

Daneshjoo news notes that these are the heaviest sentences given to student activists in the post-election events.

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