Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iran says Amiri not a nuclear scientist

Shahram Amiri after return to IRan

Ramin Mehmanparast, Iran`s spokesman for the foreign ministry refuted US allegations that Shahram Amiri has been a longtime informant for the CIA saying that Amiri is not a nuclear scientist.

After the return of Shahram Amiri to Iran, US media citing CIA officials said that Amiri had been an informant for the US for years inside Iran. The unidentified US officials also told reporters that Amiri received five million dollars for his cooperation with the CIA.

Mehmanparast told ILNA that Amiri is not a spy and has never received any money from the US. He added that publishing these kinds of reports is only a way of creating "an atmosphere" where Iran`s nuclear is restrained from leading its "normal" path.

He maintained that Amiri is not a nuclear scientist and is merely a researcher at Malek Ashtar University who had travelled to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of pilgrimage, but was abducted by US and Saudi agents.

Mehmanparast went on to say that the Americans had said earlier that they had recovered information from the"`laptop" of an Iranian nuclear scientist in order to pass Amiri as a nuclear scientist who had willingly taken classified information out of Iran.

He contended that these are all baseless scenarios and claimed that the return of Shahram Amiri is a "political and security victory" for Iran and a "bitter defeat" for the Americans.

The US denies involvement in any abduction and once Amiri turned up in Pakistan Embassy section of Iran interests claiming he has escaped CIA agents in the US, Hilary Clinton said that Amiri had come to the US freely and was therefore free to leave.

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