Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian youth sentenced to death accused of homosexual relations

An Iranian youth in Tabriz has been sentenced to death by hanging for the charge of having homosexual relations.

Mohammad Mostafai, attorney for the accused announced that three other people accused in the case were acquitted of the same crime.

According to Iranian law, homosexual relations are against the law and given the death penalty.

Mohammad Mostafai maintained that Hamid Taghi, Ebrahim Hamidi, Mehdi Pouran and Mohammad Rezai were accused of having homosexual relations and were sentenced to death in the preliminary court. Mosatafai adds after appealing to the Supreme Court, three of them were acquitted while Ebrahim Hamidi’s death sentence was upheld.

Mosatafai also maintains that the plaintiff in the case has said that his parents forced him to make a complaint and Ebrahim Hamidi has in no way sexually assaulted him.

Other reports from Iran also tell of the issuance of Sakineh Mohammadi’s death by stoning sentence for the crime of adultery.

Sakineh Mohammdi’s two children in a letter have appealed to the world to help stop the execution of their mother.

According to an Amnesty International report in 2009 over 388 people were executed in Iran.

Comments of the visitors

why is not the US government and the Vatican doing anything to stop this?

-- Frederick (Freddie) John Katz III ، Jul 4, 2010

A bouquet of flowers
white for innocence, red
for love

-- Bjarne Kim Pedersen ، Jul 5, 2010

It is deeply concerning as to why everyone including the UN and all countries are Ignoring these executions in Iran

-- unknown ، Jul 5, 2010

.No more

-- Stephani Davis ، Jul 5, 2010

I will forward this newsletter to as many people as I can, including members of the Dutch Parliament. It's a shame that the Iranian people who struggle for their freedom are abandoned by virtually the whole world, the United States , included. The events that you describe are downright horrible and a cause for shame for all the people who know about them and don't do a thing!!

Consider me at your side .

-- Henk.V ، Jul 10, 2010

Vatican isn't doing anything, because priests themselves would rather see all the lgbt people dead

-- Natia ، Jul 13, 2010

I hope this will stop soon./.

-- Natia ، Jul 13, 2010

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