Friday, December 17, 2010
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Berlin will host Iranian student gathering

Iranian student groups in Europe are to gather in Free University of Berlin in October 2010 at a conference entitled: “dialogue.”

“The vital necessity of giving the students and youth outside Iran an independent organization”, “reviewing the experiences of youth networks outside the country” and “a look at international experiences in organizing youth and students” are the topics of focus in the three day conference from October 1 to October 3, according to Hamayesh weblog.

The conference will consist of discussion panels and open debate sessions, and the content of the discussions will be based on articles presented by participants.

Conference organizers stress however that participation in the debates does not require submission of articles.

Round tables in German and English have also been organized for international participants, the conference announcement states.

The students and human rights activists note: “The protest movement in Iran has currently reached a point where it needs a close look back in order to outline its new prospects for its existence and vitality in the future.”

They go on to stress the importance of organization of the protest movement at the grass roots.

Student groups from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands have collaborated in organizing the Berlin conference without announcing any links to a specific political entity.

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