Date of Publish: ۱۱ مرداد ۱۳۸۹

More threats against Iranian political detainees on hunger strike

Iranian detainees who have gone on hunger strikes at Evin Prison have now been threatened by the officials that they will be exiled to RejaiShahr Prison in Karaj.

Kaleme website reports that Evin officials along with a number of officials from the ministry of intelligence have visited the 17 political detainees who are currently on hunger strike at Evin Prison and told them that if they refuse to stop their hunger strike, they will be transferred to Rejaishahr Prison.

Reportedly, the prisoners have refused to break their hunger strike and announced that they are ready to be exiled.

According to Kaleme website, this is not the first time the detainees have been threatened. Last week, the prisoners were also reportedly told that if they do not end their strike, the officials will turn Evin into the notorious Kahrizak detention centre where at least four detainees died under torture last summer.

The seventeen detainees have started a hunger strike since over a week ago for being transferred to solitary confinement because they protested against being mistreated by prison officials and complained about the sub-standard conditions of section 350 where they are being held.

So far five of these detainees have been transferred to the hospital and the health of the others is also failing.

The families of the detainees expressed their concern by gathering in front of Tehran’s Prosecutor’s office on Saturday.

One of the detainees, who suffers from diabetes, was transferred to a hospital outside the prison after he lost consciousness on the seventh day of his hunger strike.


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Why are human beings being tortured in this way.They should be FREED

-- carole buchholz ، Aug 2, 2010 at time 02:01 PM