Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian reformist party wants IRGC held responsible

Post-election street protests last summer

Iranian reformist organization, Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution, issued a statement in support of the seven plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit against Commander Moshfeq of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Reformist websites report that Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution issued their statement today, a month after seven prominent reformist figures filed their lawsuit against Commander Moshfeq.

The reformist organization states: “The confessions of Commander Moshfeq are a testimony to the planned and widespread violations that have led to a transformation in the nature of the elections.”

They maintain that the confessions confirm the “widespread fraud in the elections that led to a change in the outcome of the votes in the tenth presidential elections” in June 2009.

The statement also condemns the fact that the government rather than dealing with the complaint, has instead recalled three of the plaintiffs back to prison.

They accuse the authorities of “disregarding the law and public expectations.”

Commander Moshfeq, who is reportedly a commander at the Sarallah Base of the Revolutionary Guards, gives a speech to a group of clerics in Mashhad in the fall of 2009. The audio file of this speech emerged on the internet over two months ago. The statements on the audio file makes accusations against a number of prominent Iranian political figures and delineates the strategies used for the oppression of the opposition in the controversial elections of 2009.

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