Friday, December 17, 2010
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Reformists publish list of political prisoners

Kaleme Website published the names and details of 216 political prisoners in Iran’s various prisons who between themselves are sentenced to 1100 years of imprisonment.

According to Kaleme, MirHosein Mousavi's news outlet, this report has been provided for them by the “anonymous friends of the Green movement at Evin Prison.”

The report indicates that 145 political prisoners are in section 350 of Evin out of which nine are sentenced to death and 13 are accused of espionage.

The youngest prisoners amongst them is 19-year-old, Mohsen Shoshtari, sentenced to one year in prison, and the oldest is Amir Ali Mehrnia, a 73-year-old who was arrested in the post-election events and is sentenced to two years in prison.

The report also notes that there are six prisoners who are in an undetermined judicial state and the majority of the prisoners are students or political and media activists.

Kaleme reports there are 44 Kurdish-Iranian activists in prison who in total are sentenced to 322 years in prison.

Farid Sadeghi, sentenced to life imprisonment is spending his 18th year in Oroumieh Prison and some of the other Kurdish prisoners are sentenced to death and are in imminent danger of execution.

Kaleme goes on to report that 25 people are incarcerated for “having family relations” to the dissident group, People’s Mojahedin Organization. Six of these are women and two of them, Farah Vazehan and Ali Saremi are sentenced to death.

The report only includes prisoners who are currently in prison and not those who have been released on bail awaiting their sentence.

Kaleme website writes: “Counting in those who have not been identified yet or are currently in the prisons of the ministry of intelligence or prisons linked to the Revolutionary Guards, the number of prisoners and their years of imprisonment are far more than this.”

Following the presidential elections of 2009 in Iran, people joined mass protests on the streets disputing the legitimacy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory.

The government responded with widespread arrest of political and social activists, as well as lawyers and journalists.

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