Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian hardliners concerned about effects of cutting subsidies

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati

Iranian hardliner, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati told worshippers in Tehran Friday Mass Prayers that the cutting of government subsidies is a kind of surgery and bloodshed and every effort must be made to reduce its side-effects.

Iranian media reported that the chairman of Iran’s Guardian Council commented on the cutting of government subsidies in his sermon today saying: “I plead with the government not to do things that would dissatisfy people.”

He added: “I have heard from other cities that the price of electricity has been doubled, tripled or even quadrupled!”

He claimed he has contacted the Minister of Power on this matter but received no clear answer.

He urged the government to keep the people in mind and refrain from activities that would entail popular dissatisfaction.

Four days ago, Mohammad Behzad, Deputy Minister of Power announced that the government has approved the rise in the price of electricity. He added: “People should not be concerned about the application of this law; with a little management in their consumption, they can take a greater share from the cutting of subsidies benefits.”

The Minister of Power denied that the increase in the price of electricity is in any way connected with the cutting of government subsidies.

Sudden rise in the price of various goods have been reported following the announcement that the government will cut public subsidies. The government has attributed such sudden rises and economic upheavals to “seditious elements” and promised to confront the perpetrators.

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