Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iran says terrorists use Pakistani papers

Ali Abdollahi, Iranian deputy intelligence minister

Iranian ministry of intelligence says terrorists that carried out the Chabahar attacks yesterday have links to Pakistani officials in the region.

IRNA reports that Ali Abdollahi, deputy intelligence minister said: “The terrorists receive their travel papers from local Pakistani officials.”

He maintained that this statement was corroborated by “confessions from Abdolmalek Rigi”, the leader of Jundollah organization who was arrested and later executed by the Islamic Republic authorities in June.

Abdollahi added that the terrorists are trained in Pakistan and Iranian government has warned Pakistan about this matter but they have made no significant move in arresting the terrorists.

Yesterday in a terrorist attack in Chabahar in southwestern Iran, dozens of people were killed and injured while they were attending a public Shiite religious ceremony.

Jundollah, a militant Sunni group in the region has taken responsibility for this attack.

Some conflicting reports have been given regarding the number of fatalities and injuries by Iranian media. In its latest report, IRNA stated that “about 130 people” were killed and injured in the Chabahar attack.

Iranian authorities reported that three individuals were involved in carrying out this operation. One was killed in the blast, the other was arrested at the scene before affecting a second blast and the third was arrested while crossing the border carrying explosives and equipment.

Whlel Iran has accused Britain and the US of backing this terrorist operation, both countries have condemned the attacks and expressed solidarity with the victims.

Ban Ki-Moon and spokesman for the French foreign ministry have also spoken out against the Chabahar attacks.

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