Friday, December 17, 2010
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Nine suspects arrested in Chabahar suicide attack

Iranian intelligence ministry has made nine arrests in connection with the terrorist operations in Chabahar two days ago.

Iranian media report that the Interior Minister, Mosstafa Mohammad Najjar said that these nine are suspects and maintained that such operations will continue until the main perpetrators are stopped.

On December 15, a suicide attack in a central square of Chabahar in southwest Iran killed and injured dozens of people. According to official reports 35 people were killed and 86 were injured.

ILNA reports that the authorities have refused to supply more information about the detainees saying “the suspects are being interrogated and the dimensions of the case are being established.”

Today the bodies of the dead were laid to rest today in the presence of the Supreme Leader’s representative, the Minister of Interior and other local officials.

In their latest statements regarding the attack, Iran’s spokesman for the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission blamed “Zionists and Americans” and stressed the role of Pakistan in supporting the terrorist.

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