Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Iran Presidential Election - 2009

Weeks before the presidential election in Iran, Radio Zamaneh has launched an online section focusing on the key aspects of this round of election in Iran. Zamaneh has covered the stories behind the scenes of the 10th presidential election to provide clarity regarding the foremost candidates and their electoral platforms.

USA Election 2008

Radio Zamaneh, with a meticulous attention , followed the historic US Presidential election and provided many reports, translations and in-depth analysis. Through the diverse interviews with well-known faces, such as the President of American Council Dr Hooshang Amirahmadi, Radio Zamaneh threw light on the key issues and more thoroughly put highlight on the future of Iran and US affairs and range of possibilities.

30 Years Human Rights in Iran

The 30 year report is a special program developed by Radio Zamaneh to focus on various human rights issues in Iran. A selection of the articles appeared regularly on the English section of the Human Rights page. In this project, Radio Zamaneh highlighted on each article of Human Rights and the way it has been practiced in Iran. This series included talks, interviews with prominent civil activists, reports by international journalists on special cases and personal stories by ordinary people. More...

May 1968 Uprise in France

In remembrance of May 1968 in Paris and massive confrontation between police and students, Radio Zamaneh published a series of articles. These articles tribute to the unforgettable historical event of France and dissect many aspects of that influential event through diaries, interviews and personal observations.

Diary of a Revolution

The diary of a revolution is a collection of articles looking back at the key events and the first major social reactions around the time of 1979 Revolution in Iran. These articles are an impartial recall of happenings regarding the collapse of monarchy and the beginning of a new era. With the utmost objectivity, Radio Zamaneh provided the opportunity to look at the diary of the Revolution in Iran 30 years ago.

Sex and the Soceity

One of the topmost missions of Radio Zamaneh, as a progressive media, has always been breaking taboos in the Iranian society and especially amongst young adults. To accommodate this idea, Radio Zamaneh produced a series of articles and interviews by Maahmonir Rahimi involving some hardly spoken issues in the Iranian media, such as “Sex, Power and Family”, “prostitution and the society” or “Sex and the Islamic government”.