Sep 2009

Montazeri advises Iran officials to end oppression

Ayatollah Montazeri once more condemned government violence against protesters and the pro-reform movement. He reminded Iranian authorities that like the "Shah"'s government, they cannot endure if they insist on oppressing people.

Prominent reformist, Saeed Hajjarian released

Saeed Hajjarian, the prominent Iranian reformist, was released today after over three months of incarceration. Mr. Hajjarian's health, who was disabled due to an assassination attempt in 2000, had been a chief concern for his physician and family since his arrest.

Iran police chief claims detainee mistreatment exaggerated

Police Commander Ahmadi Moghaddam claims reports about the infamous Kahrizak detention centre, where many post-election detainees are said to have been tortured and even killed, are "highly exaggerated." He did however confirm that 10 police officers have been arrested in connection with the Kahrizak file.

Iranians pursue their protests through judiciary

Parviz Sorouri head of the parliamentary panel investigating complaints against the actions of the armed and security forces in Iran's post-election events announced that delays should be expected because the lawsuits are "numerous and very dense." The government's assurances that officials who have broken the law will be prosecuted have so far yielded nothing.

More protests in Tehran universities

Iran's science minster Kamran Daneshjou was faced with more protests today as he visited Sanati Sharif University intending to attend the opening of a new library. An eyewitness account reports that several hundred students gathered in front of the library chanting anti-government slogans and causing the minister to change his route.

Karroubi condemns Iran's Assembly of Experts inaction

Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi condemned the failure of Iran's Assembly of Experts to address the recent crisis and the demands of election protesters. He especially criticized the chairman of the assembly Ayatollah Rafsanjani for failing to bring forth the relevant issues and thus proving the assembly superfluous.

Mousavi: Iran's reform movement persistent

In a statement, MirHosein Mousavi lauded the massive presence of election protesters in the Qods Day march on September 18, describing it as an undeniable sign of the persistence of the reform movement. He also spoke out against international sanctions stating that sanctions further burden the overburdened people of Iran.

Protests in University of Tehran

Over a thousand university students gathered in front of Tehran University's library today in support of the Green Movement of reform and in protest of government violence against its citizens in the post-election events. Mobile service, according to eyewitness reports, are cut off in the area but security forces have been seen attacking protesters.

Opposition leader condemned by imprisoned reformist

IRNA State news agency published an interview with imprisoned reform theorist Saeed Hajjarian on its website last night. According to IRNA, Mr. Hajjarian claimed MirHosein Mousavi's actions in Iran's post-election events were illegal and engendered a wave of hate in the society. Opposition forces contend that Mr. Hajjarian's statements are all coerced.

Opposition leader Mousavi accused of treason

Mohammad Javad Larijani accused former president and disputing candidate of the June elections MirHosein Mousavi of betraying the Iranian Revolution. The judiciary official claimed Mr. Mousavi's betrayal is akin to the betrayal of Massoud Rajavi, the leader of the People's Mojahedin of Iran, the opposition force fighting the Islamic Republic for over 30 years.

Recommendation for an Election Commission in Iran

Mohsen Rezai, secretary of Iran's Expediency Council and a conservative candidate of the June presidential elections, recommends the establishment of a "National Elections Commission" to stop the government from interfering in the affairs of the elections and to ensure people's trust in the system.

IRGC buys Telecommunication Company of Iran

A consortium affiliated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has bought 51 percent of Telecommunication Company of Iran shares. Reportedly the 8-billion-dollar purchase is the largest financial transaction in the history of Iran's stock exchange.

Reformist clerics under attack by Iran hardliners

Chairman of Iran's Assembly of Experts Ayatollah Rafsanjani was reproached by expert members of the assembly for his failure to endorse the Supreme Leader's stance against election protesters. Another reformist member of the assembly, Ayatollah Dastgheib was also the target of their disapproval.

Fundamentalist cleric calls on public to confront protesters

Chairman of Iran's Guardian Council Ayatollah Janati told the crowd of Tehran's Friday worshipers that it was the duty of every responsible Muslim to confront "rioters and agitators." The fundamentalist cleric implicitly told the public to take the law into their own hands regarding election protesters.

Iran's leader demands support from the elite

Iran's supreme leader reproached the country's clergy for their silence in the recent unrest. In a meeting with the members of the Assembly of Experts and its chairman Ayatollah Rafsanjani,Mr. Khamenei said the silence of the elite "aids the cause of sedition."

Protesters decry Ahmadinejad as he speaks at UN

While Mahamoud Ahmadinejad gave his speech at UN General Assembly last night, protesters in front of UN headquarters cried out against his controversial presidency and his violent crackdown on election protesters in Iran. Despite enduring protests and charges of vote-rigging in Iran, Mr. Ahmadinejad insisted on the transparency and grandeur of the June presidential elections.

Iran Revotutionary Guards establish own bank

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps announced the establishment of their bank. Mahmoud Bahmani, head of Iran Central Bank, told IRNA that Ansar bank had to show a capital of 20 trillion rials and make its stock public in order to align itself with national banking regulations and become an official bank.

Iran Assembly of Experts concludes meeting without chairman

Iran Assembly of Experts issued the final statement for the sixth session of its fourth term today in the absence of the moderate, Ayatollah Rafsanjani, the chair of the assembly. Hardliners claim the statement that gives its full support to the Supreme Leader, is also fully endorsed by Ayatollah Rafsanjani.

Iran science minister accused of plagiarism reports that Iran's science minister Kamran Daneshjou's science publication is a product of extensive plagiarism. Two other members of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's cabinet have also been accused of holding fake academic degrees.

Pro-reform cleric contradicts Iran's Supreme Leader

Ayatollah Montazeri once more denies the lawfulness of self-incriminatory confessions obtained through torture, contradicting Iran's Supreme Leader who in his Sunday sermon put his seal of approval on the self-incrimination of protesters in the recent mass trials. Opposition groups maintain these confessions are coerced and false.