Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Iran claims earlier knowledge of "terrorist" attack

Ali Larijani

Ali Larijani, Iran Speaker of the Parliament told reporters today that a few days before the “assassination” of Iranian professor Massoud AliMohammadi, Iranian authorities had already gathered some information regarding a terrorist attack by US and Israeli intelligence organizations in Tehran.

Massoud Mohammadi, a physics professor at the University of Tehran, was killed yesterday, Tuesday morning, due to a bomb explosion near his home.

While Iranian authorities claim the US and Israel were involved in this explosion, Washington maintains the charge is "absurd."

Yesterday Fars news agency reported that the dissident group the Association of Monarchists of Iran have taken responsibility for the explosion. But the Association denied this charge. The Association of Monarchists has announced that it has no involvement in the explosion and added that Iranian security forces are the primary culprits in this operation.

Iran’s Speaker of Parliament claimed that “after the failure of all their methods, the US and Israel have now turned to physical elimination of nuclear scientists.”

While Ali Larijani described Massoud AliMohammadi as a “nuclear scientist,” former lawmaker, Ahmad Shirzad and a former classmate of AliMohammadi claims “while, like all of us, he knew about the foundations of nuclear physics, he couldn’t be considered a nuclear scientist.”

Ali Larijani accused Barack Obama of supporting terrorism and added that the US president has revealed his “backward warmongering face.”

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