Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Iranian professors speak out for persecuted students

Elm-o-Sanat University of Iran

Fifty-six professors at Elm-o-Sanat University in Iran issued an announcement in protest to heavy disciplinary sentences given to some students.

They condemn the widespread summoning of students by the disciplinary committee, the “illegal entrance of non-university individuals” into the campus and the beating of students.

The letter urges the Head of the University to establish a “calm atmosphere free of anxiety” for all students especially those that have been summoned by the disciplinary committee.

Last week, a group of pro-government forces in plain clothes entered the Elm-o-Sanat campus and engaged in beating the students. Following these events, according to Amir Kabir Newsletter, scores of students face various forms of suspension by the disciplinary committee.

In connection with the crackdown on universities and students, reportedly, the former president of Amir Kabir Student Association, Yashar Ghajar has been sentenced to two years in prison, 147 lashes and 1000,000 ($1,000) rials fine.

Yashar Ghajar's sentence has been issued three and a half years after his arrest. He is charged with “founding of Amir Kabir Newsletter, activities against national security, incitement of public minds and slandering officials.”

In connection with this report, Amir Kabir Newsletter reports that the authorities have released no news regarding Kazem Rezai, Mechanical Engineering student at Shiraz University since November 4 protests when he was arrested by University security and transferred to prison.

The government has put university activists under constant pressure since the start of the new academic year.

University students have kept the candle of election protests against the government burning, and in return university campuses have been attacked by forces in plain clothes beating and arresting students.

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