Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Opposition leader's proposal to resolve Iran's crisis

Mehdi Karroubi

Days after being shot at by a pro-government mob, Mehdi Karroubi defiantly announced that he is prepared to sit in a debate with any representative to examine “who has caused the deviation in the Revolution.”

In a letter published on Saham news, Mehdi Karroubi addresses the people in putting forth a plan of action to lead the country out of its current “crisis.”

He maintains that “Oppressors have to confess, repent and apologize for their deeds.” He adds that the deviation of the Revolution from its path needs to be remedied. Avoidance of violence, discovering the roots of the recent events, and debate with government representatives are also ways in which he suggests the country’s problems may be resolved.

Mehdi Karroubi is a disputing candidate of the June Presidential elections which they claim brought Mahmoud Ahmadinejad back to power through fraud. He has been the target of several violent attacks by pro-government forces.

Karroubi condemns the government’s violent confrontation with people on Ashura Day and the demeaning language used by pro-government speakers in reference to protesters whom, according to the opposition leader, are “protesting to political theft.”

In conclusion he maintains that he believes that the 1979 Revolution has been derailed and it can only be restored by “executing the constitution and International conventions.”

While demanding freedom for the press, release of political prisoners and an open political atmosphere, he announces: “I, Mehdi Karroubi, am prepared to sit in debate with any government representative to clarify who has derailed the Revolution and is responsible for the wrongs done against the people.”

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