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Ayatollah Khomeini's protrayal in Iran TV condmened by his grandson

MEHR - Hassan Khomeini, grandson of Iran's late leader

Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the late leader of Iran’s 1979 Revolution Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, lashed out against Iran’s National Broadcasting Organization, Seda-va-Sima for the “distorted” portrayal of his grandfather.

In preparation for the anticipated protests on February 11, the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution, Iranian media is apparently once more engaged in antagonizing public perception of protesters.

In a letter to Ezatollah Zarghami, head of Seda-va-Sima, Hassan Khomeini accuses the network of trying to “distort” the character of the founder of the Islamic Republic in their documentary, titled “Prominent.”

The documentary which has been airing five times a day from different TV channels on the occasion of the Revolution’s anniversary focuses on comments given by the late leader of the country regarding staging demonstrations without official permits.

This segment, which according to Hassan Khomeini is “shortened and distorted,” shows Ayatollah Khomeini opposing the idea of unwarranted demonstrations and calling on the armed forces and the people to confront demonstrators.

Ayatollah Khomeini remains a symbol of popular strength in Iran and since the start of the protests in June both opposing camps of hardliners and reformists have tried to attribute their actions to his teachings.

Hassan Khomeini, a supporter of election protesters and the reformist camp, maintains that the National Television has portrayed his grandfather “dishonestly and given the country’s youth a figure that is miles away from the true Imam Khomeini.”

He accuses Seda-va Sima of taking things out of context and drawing irrelevant historical parallels. He also adds that to get a more truthful account, they should call on the late leader’s intimates to contextualize his sayings and also reveal the parts of his life that have remained unsaid.

In reaction, 180 conservative Members of the Parliament have commended the aired documentary and congratulated Ezatollah Zarghami for his programming.

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