Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Iranian activists fight against discriminatory bill

Iranian Parliament

Twelve hundred Iranian social and women’s rights activists condemned the “family protection” bill recently passed in the Islamic parliament and called for laws that confirm women’s rights and establish “gender equality.”

Their letter which was published in Advar News maintains that the “family protection” bill is even more regressive that the bill passed 35 years ago and it aims at legalizing polygamy.

The “family protection” bill was prepared and delivered to the government by the judiciary two years ago. After undergoing a few changes it was passed onto the Cultural Commission of the Parliament but was not pursued any further.

Activists have specifically spoken out against two provisions; one allows men to take on more than one wife if they are able to show financial means, and the other makes women’s allowance in case of divorce (mehrieh) taxable.

The bill, after a year of silence, was passed in the legal commission of the parliament after making a few minor changes.

Social and women’s rights activists claim that a number of MPs are taking advantage of the unstable atmosphere created by the post election events to pursue their anti-women and discriminatory agenda.

They signatories of the letter call on all “Iranian men and women who seek justice” to express their condemnation of this “blatant discrimination” by signing their announcement.

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All these stupid things are happening because of this concept of Vilayat e Fiqhi. This Khamenie was neither elected nor selected nor nominated and he is calling the shots. How come? Who is in charge? What is the purpose of voting? If not then the other guy must be a dictator.

Khuda Hafiz
Enver Khorasanee

-- Enver Khorasanee ، Feb 19, 2010

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