Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Karroubi insists on reformist nature of Green Movement

Mehdi Karroubi

Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi says the Green Movement is not trying to topple the government; it is rather a reform movement.

In an interview with Italian media, he added that both the “Islamic” and “republic” nature of the system have been heavily damaged by the events following the June presidential elections.

Nine months after the June presidential, protests against the alleged ballot fraud that brought Mahmoud Ahmadinejad back to power are still going on.

The disputing candidate of the elections maintained that he still challenges the legitimacy and legality of the current government but holds it accountable for its decisions.

He added that he has no “personal feud” with Ahamdinejad but will not enter a pact or collude over what the people have endured in the past nine months.

He maintained: “It is the people who must decide if they are ready to come to terms with the government or not. The people are critical of this government and do not accept their management.”

He said that the only believes in an Islamic Republic that hold free elections and does not propagate a “violent and superstitious” form of Islam.

In his statements, Mehdi Karroubi also added that he is against any sanctions against Iran because they only exacerbate the existing pressures on ordinary people. He also claimed: “Thoughtless words and wrong stances of the government in the domestic and international arena have cost the people dearly.”

The West has stepped up its efforts to increase sanctions against Iran for their failure to come to terms on Iran’s nuclear activities.

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