Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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More anti-riot forces rolling into Tehran

Jaras reports that anti-riot police on motorcycles carrying shields and batons are being deployed in central areas of Tehran in progressively greater numbers .

Jaras also reports that anti-riot armoured vehicles armed with anti-riot water sprays are deployed in specific locations of the city.

This is the first time that the Chinese-imported anti-riot vehicles have been seen on the streets of Tehran.

Jaras also reports that in Jalal Al-Ahmad and Kargar North area the clash between protesters and government forces are ongoing and both sides are progressively expanding in numbers.

At Laleh Park, paint balls were reported to have been thrown at protesters.

protesters calling for release of political prisoners:

CNN reports people chanting “Death to the Dictator!” however, the content of other slogans revolves around demands for national referendums, release of political prisoners and not giving in to the fear of the Basij paramilitary forces.

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