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Mousavi emphasizes inclusiveness of Green Movement

MirHosein Mousavi

Iranian opposition leader, MirHosein Mousavi renewed his call to supporters of the Green Movement to join the February 11 events “while preserving their unique identities.” He maintained that the Green Movement is a young and independent movement that is inclusive of numerous small groups. He also emphasized that it is not affected by pressure and only moves in accordance to “national interests.”

Speaking to a group of university students, he added that not only is the Green movement independent from any foreign connections; it in fact “does not allow foreign interference in its affairs.”

The opposition leader emphasized that the “Green Movement is a friend to all. A friend to workers, teachers and the women’s movement! It is even a friend to those it disagrees with because they are after all a part of our nation.”

He went on to urge Green supporters to remain patient in the face of the “bitterness” and to approach the system through “concern and admonition.”

The authorities have confronted election protesters and supporters of the Green Movement with fierce violence on the streets while also arresting many and handing them heavy sentences.

The former Prime Minister of Iran criticized the current government’s foreign and domestic policies and advised them to aim for greater “political balance” in order to secure global “friends.”

The former head of Iran’s Academy of Fine Arts criticized how Islamic Republic authorities invite various countries to Islam and yet fail to show “one close ally in the region or even the world.” He added: “They write letters to them and then they tell us we should badmouth them and resist them.”

MirHosein Mousavi exclaimed that the police, the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij Militia are “respectful” institutions; however, we are “against violence, beatings, breaking heads and killing.”

Addressing the clergy and the religious community, the opposition leader said: “Imprisonment, beatings and arrests are being carried out in the name of Islam and the Islamic system so Islam suffers for it and we must all try to end this situation.”

He added: “What do arrests and imprisonments have to do with Islam? What does banning reasoning and discussions have to do with Islam? Delving into people’s personal affairs has nothing to do with Islam! Looking into people’s emails has nothing to do with Islam! These actions contradict religious beliefs and the foundations of the constitution.”

At the threshold of February 11 events in celebration of the 31st anniversary of the 1979 Revolution, opposition leaders have called on their supporters to join the demonstrations to reaffirm their protest against the alleged election fraud in the June presidential elections and the following brutal government crackdown on protesters.

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